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Soccer Competitive Development and Associations

The Olympic Program is a national development program which identifies youth players to represent their region in soccer competition, formed at the state association and made up of the best players at the state association level. At the first level, the object is to get children active, so that adults and children play together while learning basic fundamental skills such as jumping, kicking, and catching, encouraging thus children to enjoy playing one-on-one and practicing dribbling, and shooting. From the state pools and subsequent teams, to identify a pool of players from which a United States Team will be selected and to provide high-level training for players at all levels through carefully selected licensed coaches, and to improve all levels of coaching is important to us.


Long Term Development is the Canadian Soccer Association model consisting of seven stages, about putting the player first and enjoying the game of soccer as a key in teaching, so that players will continue and may even referee as they get older. Any soccer player is eligible provided that he meets the requirements, so a player may try out in the state association in which he is eligible but may not try out in more than one association. Navigating the world of soccer is difficult, but with a little guidance, you may be able to understand the governing bodies in the United States, as both USYSA and US Club fall under the Federation, an official governing body recognized by FIFA.

While the adult should challenge the child, they should allow him to beat the adult and discontinue play when he lost interest, participating in a variety of additional activities such as well-structured gymnastics programs in order to enhance the basic physical literacy. The Long Term Development platform is called Grassroots Soccer (formerly called mini-soccer), with the best learning environment to master fundamental soccer skills while emphasizing winning, and, although the competitive league rewarded game winners, since 2014, league standings for younger teams have no bearing, allowing the club to focus on development in the end. We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to make it fun, and the membership is divided into four regions, while fifty member State Associations make up the Youth Soccer for boys and girls of the association.


At the second stage, you ought to create a stimulating learning environment which emphasizes the ABC’s of movement as well as jumping, kicking and catching through movement exercises that promote a feel, including gaining ball control, dribbling or kicking the ball forward. This is where we give children their first experience, ensuring that it is fun and revolves around soccer, as the coaching objective is simple: implementeing the coaching model for younger players during spring training and the Saturday morning development sessions in the summer. We will foster the development of clubs in order to create the best possible development environment in each state association, working independently with teams and run at the National level in the same process across the United States.

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