Hysa.us Latest Futsal: a fun Indoor Activity for the Youth

Futsal: a fun Indoor Activity for the Youth

At Hysa, we’ve built a place to learn and to simply enjoy with friends, as futsal combines skill and teamwork into a addictive package that will make you come back for more. You can also join us for a soccer recreational experience in our Women’s league where there is open play available per season, or try out the street soccer with no limits, anytime the court is open. There will be total footwork fun in San Francisco on the 7th of April in the Marina and Inner Richmond, dedicated to 1st & 2nd grade kids who want to train with a team or with friends in an exclusive facility!


The indoor youth league is organized for kids, so register now while the enrollment for a free is open: there are no rules and you can easily find programs and game schedules in your account on the member section. The youth outdoor Parker leagues are designed to be educational and create a place for fun and self-esteem, as each participant will play half of the game for ages 6 to 14. Our Spin Soccer Center is a business focused on two large fields along with a field for soccer training, with year-round soccer for all ages and our competitive youth league where you can expect a clean environment where you’ll be able to enjoy some soccer.

The original Hysa was founded in February 2018 by ten families who wanted to create a place where players could celebrate, but then we opened a second location, in Tigard, bringing futsal facilities to Rose City and offering soccer play within our walls, as well as physical therapy offices and non-stop action. Over the last seasons, more than 2,000 kids have taken part in is an exciting sport that has development designed to improve their shooting, defending, and team skills, as the official sport of soccer’s governing body, affiliated with the Soccer Federation. You can build your own group of classmates and learn futsal, in case you want some action and try running with the ball, 1v1 attacking, turning with the ball and shooting to benefit from and improve your game!


If your child is an age that overlaps, based on his past experience and size, he can participate in the outdoor sessions one day per week held at Meadow Stroh Soccer Ranch. Futsal is a form of soccer played on a smaller pitch, and we offer competitions for all ages, operating in accordance with the peak governing bodies, in addition to the school term activity. The low numbers mean the kids get more touches and get to be more creative, utilizing fakes as it’s a faster game that improves decision-making and the ball is easier to control.


Indoor Soccer leagues take place in various seasons, and the teams receive one practice, while games are played in the afternoons, but there is also the option to practice on outdoor fields, provided to give an opportunity to work on specific skills, although fields will not be lined as during rest periods.


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